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In recent years, Rockel has worked for many customers such as Bell Mobility, Rogers, Videotron, Telus, NSN, government of Canada, national police of Quebec and many scholar institutions. See below few of the most important projects.

Project BBEX: Construction of 62 new sites
Customer: Bell Mobility
Location: Quebec and Ontario
Timeframe: 17 months
In details:
  • 28 guyed towers (80 à 107 m), 27 self supported towers (61 à 96 m), 5 monopoles (30 à 55 m) and 2 flat sharing;
  • 20 km of access road and 75 acres of deforestation;
  • 3,500 m of trench and near 500 post to supply on-site electricity;
  • 3,500 m³ of concrete and 360 metric tons of reinforcing steel;
  • 5,000 m of fences;
  • Excellent OHS with over 40,000 hours worked;
  • Establishment of a quality control program;
  • Pre-delivery inspection by the quality control team.


Project NSN: Isolation HSPA
Customer: NSN/Vidéotron
Lieux: Quebec and Ontario
Timeframe: 12 months
In details:
  • Sector shielding and reconfiguration of radios;
  • Configuration of more than 100 sites;
  • Modification and reinforcement of existing structure.


Project Vidéotron: Construction of 43 new sites
Customer: Vidéotron
Lieux: Quebec and Ontario
Timeframe: 19 months
In details:
  • 30 new towers;
  • 13 flat sharing.


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