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Rocktel offers a wide variety of services and products throughout the US and Canadian territory. Rocktel offers turnkey projects wherever it is needed.

Construction Department

The construction department offers the following possibilities:


Civil works

  • Guyed towers, self supported towers, monopoles foundations;
  • Access road construction;
  • Deforestation;
  • Fencing installation;
  • Culvert installation.

Infrastructures and telecom systems installation

  • Guyed towers, self supported towers, monopoles;
  • Inside building "In Building";
  • Silos;
  • Rooftop.


Regardless the structure, it is possible for the construction team to perform a dismantling of it.



Installation of structural steel for your existing infrastructures.



Technical Department

The technical department offers the following possibilties:


Shelter installation

Rocktel offers the installation and connection services of the equipment inside the shelter such as:

  • Cable tray and rack;
  • Grounding;
  • Power cabinet and batteries.

Furthermore, it is possible to install and manage alarm points.

Optic Fiber

The technical department offers all the installation services, fusion, termination and optic fiber cables testing.



Sweep and Calibration

Rocktel has a certified team able to execute the sweep and calibration of lines or cellular antennas with the latest high technology tools.


Furthermore, through the years, Rocktel has developed close links with many partners in various domains. This is why it is possible to offer a tremendous amount of other services. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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