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<h5>WELCOME TO ROCKTEL</h5>Do not hesitate to <a href='.?page=contact'>contact us</a> if you have any questions. <h5>TEAMWORK</h5>Communication is the basis of all good teamwork. <h5>EFFICIENCY</h5>Good logistics operations is paramount to the success of a project. <h5>HEALTH AND SAFETY</h5>Rocktel is committed to providing the best resources in terms of health and safety at work.
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Rocktel is in the telecommunications field for more than a decade. With more than a hundred contracts relative to construction and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure, Rocktel is both a leader and a model in the field. Rocktel made ​​the quality of its services a priority for its customers.

Rocktel is always moving forward to learn and apply new safe work practices. Rocktel is always improving its services with the acquisition of new technologies which will help to meet the requirements of its customers. Rocktel does not fear change, rather, it's what's motivating us.

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Construction Department

  • Civil works;
  • Infrastructure;
  • Dismantling;
  • Reinforcing.

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Technical Department

  • Shelter installation;
  • Optic fiber;
  • Sweep;
  • Calibration.

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